Who can benefit?

Any student who is registered in one of the Partner Higher Education Institutions.

Note: If you’re a recent graduate student you can take an internship for up to 1 year after you’ve completed your degree as long as the mobility is carried out in those 12 months.

Quem Pode Beneficiar?

Types of Internships

There are 3 types of internships you can do:


Note: The minimum internship period is 2 months and the maximum is 12 months.

Students and Staff


At present, the Erasmus Al Sud Consortium offers the chance of carrying out a mobility for studies in addition to the internships, which have been an essential part of the Consortium since its origin. It is also possible for the staff from the five member institutions of the Consortium to carry out a mobility period.

Studies in a Partner Institution

You have the chance to spend one semester, or a full academic year, to attend classes in one of the partner universities of your institution. Contact your institution to find out who its partners are. After this experience nothing will ever be the same!

Estudos numa Instituição Parceira


If you want to know the reality of the business world in another country, you can start with your curricular internship.

Through the Erasmus Al Sud Consortium you’ll also be able to undertake an extracurricular internship which will enrich your learning experience and your Diploma Supplement.

Are you a final-year student? Apply to an internship as a recent graduate. You have 12 months after completing your bachelor’s or master’s degree to put everything you’ve learned into practice.



The staff from the 5 member institutions of the Erasmus Al Sud Consortium can carry out teaching missions, as well as training missions, at partner universities. We aim to strengthen the connection with companies and partners that are available to take our students for an internship.

Search for Internships

You can find internship opportunities at

Contact your International Relations Office or your Internships and Careers Office.

Procura de Estágio

Linguistic Support

The European Commission set up the OLS (Online Language Support) to assist Erasmus students, which is a free online language-learning platform.

With the OLS you can test your knowledge in the language you’ll be using during your Erasmus+ mobility.

Apoio Linguístico

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